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Forex sometimes known as “FX Foreign Exchange, is the largest financial market in the world that runs its business around the world five days a week, 24 hours a day. The participants in Fx Trades Forex are central banks and enterprises, investors and individuals.

Benefits of FX Trade Smart

Market liquidity – the daily volume of trading in the currency market is more than 1.5 trillion daily turnover in all markets as a whole. And this is what makes the forex market is the most liquid financial institution.

24 hours trading market

The forex market works five days a week from 24 hours in a day. This is what allows operators to react to market changes immediately to protect gains and losses.
Trading Leverage. Fx Trades Forex Margin Trading in the currency market allows participants to organize their activities more money you have in your account. Compared with stocks, futures and volatility of the currency pairs it is not very big.
No commissions, low transaction costs and spreads more ajustados.Hay many forex brokers commissions that are not primarily based on spreads. (Spread is the difference between buying and selling prices)

Trading in rising or falling markets
Trading Forex can always take long or short positions, which states that you can always keep the currency pair moves below the loop and to determine the appropriate treatment.
Follow these tips to keep trading tips to avoid losses and increase profits in Forex trading:
Forex Market to identify their goals and strategic behavior to start your profitable business in the foreign exchange market.
Manage your business plan on trade and measure the risks that have to go through the negotiation process.

Choose the best forex broker with care, according to the known standards, to mention a few of them; customer service, trading platform usability, giving traders, etc.
It is also very important to realize how to start the business relationship and leverage. For a novice, it is always advisable to start with the demo account. This is advantageous in the sense that you can make your strategies and initiatives in the foreign exchange market with money is not lost in fact and at the same time you are able to give skills of  Fx Trades Forex and strategic thinking skills will be tested in this market. On the other hand, if you are already an expert trader with years of experience behind it, then you can choose the package plan proposed standard or advanced multiple accounts with bonus plans and take advantage of attractive. Start with a small amount of deposits and choose low leverage plans.

Better to concentrate on a currency pair, while currencies separately and require thorough study. The world of currency trading is complicated, so it is best to organize the exchange market acticities about currency pairs, the behavior of those who have studied and learned a long time.
But if you notice that Forex trading is a complex concept and yourself is not ready to start, then you better get to enrich knowledge by reading and learning, trading on demo accounts and try different strategies, including different currency pairs, follow your intelligent economic fx tradesevents.

Because they lose money starting in Forex

Forex is a highly changing market, where there is really no guarantee of winning or losing. While some merchants are making millions of dollars, there are many other people who are losing money. Sometimes investors suffer lost original, but still earn after a few months or years of experience.
Most primiparous traders tend to lose sight of the fact that there will be a learning curve. To start with currency trading, you must learn how the market works, and also factors that affect the strength of currencies. It is also necessary to become familiar with the measurement tools and various matrices needed to make accurate speculations.
Making unreasonable results
Investing in the forex market is not for those who wait to get rich overnight. If the runners who make such promises, it is clear that they are playing with their expectations and emotions. Players lose money in the market for having unreasonable expectations.
The lack of sound negotiation plan
Forex trading is always associated with positive and negative results. Enter the game without sound negotiation plan is so bad as to increase the chances of losing.
The lack of discipline
Any plan can be successful, with strict discipline. You may be tempted to break the plan to make money quickly. The best advice in the Forex market for beginners is, “Do not let your greed cancel your plan.”

Symbols of currency pairs

Currencies and stocks have symbols that distinguish one from another. Since currencies square measure quoted in terms of the worth of 1 against the worth of another, a currency combine includes the “name” for each currencies, separated by a slash “/”. The “name” could be a three-letter signifier. the primary 2 letters square measure reserved in most cases to spot the country. The last letter is typically the primary letter of the name of the currency of that country.

For example,
USD = United States of America greenback
GBP = nice kingdom Pound, pound sterling
JPY = Japanese Yen, the japanese yen
CAD = Canadian dollar, Canadian dollar
CHF = Confederatio typeface (Swiss Confederation in America) El Caudillo
NZD = New Seeland, New Seeland greenback
Dollar AUD = Australia, dollar
NOK = Norwegian krone, Norwegian krone
Krona SEK = Kingdom of Sweden, krona

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/MvngpxrRdls” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The monetary unit isn’t in a very explicit country merely attributed stands for EUR By combining one currency to a different exemplary euros, with USD, we’ve the EUR / USD.

The reference currency is known because the initial currency in a very currency combine. it’s conjointly the currency that is still constant to see the value of the currency combine.

The monetary unit is that the dominant base currency against all world currencies. As a result, currency pairs against the EUR are going to be known as EUR / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / CHF, EUR / JPY, EUR / CAD, etc., all pairs have the EUR signifier because the initial within the sequence . The USD is that the next dominant foreign currency base. The USD / CAD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF would be the conventional major currency pairs. Since the monetary unit and sterling square measure a lot of dominant in terms of base currencies, the greenback is quoted as EUR / USD and GBP / USD.

Knowing the bottom currency is very important because it determines the worth of another currency listed on the forex market.

The value of currencies
The base currency is usually up to the unit of measurement of the currency in question (ie, 1 euro, 1 pound, $ 1). once Associate in Nursing capitalist buys one hundred,000 EUR / USD, that is claimed to be shopping for the monetary unit or the bottom currency and sell or pay USD or the counter currency. the number of the acquisition of the bottom currency is up to one hundred,000 euros. Note that this can be true no matter the charge per unit at that point. the bottom remains a continuing currency quantity.

On the opposite hand, the equivalent quantity of the currency against that the capitalist is mercantilism (or paying), can fluctuate with the charge per unit of the currency combine. that it’s equal to:
(Amount of Base Currency x Market interchange Rate) Since the Counter Currency is that the a part of the currency combine that fluctuates higher or lower, and determines the strength or weakness of each currencies in a very currency combine. once a currency rises the opposite falls.

Coins operate in fractions of an entire unit.

The smallest fraction is named a “pip” within the currency combine. Currencies square measure listed in pips. Currencies for speculative functions usually involves massive amounts of cash to create pips. however due to the leverage offered by your agent will build substantial profits by finance some cash within the currency market. There square measure brokers that offer a most of mercantilism Leverage quantitative relation of one00: 1 for normal accounts. At that quantitative relation, a 100,000 EUR position would need $ one,200 of margin to the charge per unit of one.2000. this can be calculated by taking the equivalent of one hundred,000 euros or $ one hundred twenty,000 divided by the leverage quantitative relation $ one00: 1.

Margin demand = $ one hundred twenty,000 / one hundred = $ one.200
To determine the worth of a pip for the deal would be calculated as follows:
Value in United States of America $ one.20 = amount x combine of base currency = $ one hundred twenty,000
Value in United States of America $ + pip = (1.20 + 0.0001) x nominal quantity of the bottom currency = $ one hundred twenty,000

The value of a pip in bucks equals $ one hundred twenty,000 – $ 119,990 or $ ten.

When a currency combine goes from a coffee value to the next value, the currency is claimed to possess strong or gotten stronger. the other is true for the Counter Currency. That is, it’s weakened or weaker base currency.

If the amendment or the value of EUR / USD is one.2000 to 1.2024, we’ve complete that the monetary unit is stronger and weaker USD. Why? Considering the charge per unit (or price) of a currency combine implies shopping for the bottom currency or the monetary unit and mercantilism the Counter Currency, or during this case the USD. If the EUR / USD moves to the next charge per unit, needless to say, the bargainer will currently sell the EUR / USD at the next value. The distinction represents a Profit to the bargainer that was Long, or WHO bought the EUR / USD.

Selling Coins
What precisely does one purchase or sell after you build a group action currencies?

In fact, you’re doing each actions, shopping for and mercantilism currencies at the same time. a buying deal group action of EUR / USD at one.2000 is really shopping for euros and mercantilism bucks at one.2000 cents. If the monetary unit will increase in price against the greenback, costs would increase and also the capitalist can build cash.

Bid / raise value
As with stocks, currencies have a buying deal value and sale value. {the price|the worth|the price} is that the value at that the broker can purchase. the acquisition value is that the price at that the broker can sell.

The purchase value is usually less than sales. This makes logical sense as a runner, like several capitalist, needs to shop for low and sell caro.La distinction between shopping for and price is named unfold. as an example, costs for getting and mercantilism may well be one.2050 / 1.2055. during this case the unfold is five or differential differential puntos.Los major currency pairs is 2-3 pips. Some less liquid currencies the unfold could be a bit wider. This reflects the relative liquidity and risk within the skilled marketplace for the currency combine in question.

The best programs and platforms trading

If making ‘trading’ and is inherently complicated, face the markets without the proper tools is practically a suicide. Today, programs and brokerage platforms trading abound, but not all serves the same purpose. Some tools are simply excellent to operate, and other for analysis. Each has its strong point. To make work more bearable who land for the first time in the world market, he has asked Finanzas.com professional traders by the tools they use in their daily work. These are their conclusions.

Pro Real Time: The best analysis tool
Pro is a program RealTime bag ‘online’ specialized mainly in analysis. “It’s great if you use a broker that will provide real-time data,” says José Luis García, professional investor and analyst Enbolsa.net. The tool itself is free but you pay are the data. Typically, the broker provide some of the trader’s customers, but also sells the company that developed the program.
One of its main advantages is that it does not require any installation. Ricardo Gonzalez, CEO of Esbolsa.com prefers Pro RealTime because “all work spaces we usually use are stored in the cloud, which greatly facilitates mobility”. Thus, since it is not necessary to exchange files or installing a specific software for the functioning of the platform anywhere. “For me this is an advantage that makes the difference between Pro RealTime and other competitors.”

But definitely up to scratch where it is analyzed. “We use it for everything, studies strengths and weaknesses, operating time …” said Jose Luis Garcia. For Raul Street, psychologist, stock trader and author of the blog psicologíadefinanzas.com, that is also a very useful tool to track ProScreener values.
Visual Chart: Another great alternative for analysis
Visual Chart is serving a function similar to Pro RealTime, ie is essentially a tool for analysis. Therefore, you must buy the data, although not always necessary and depends on the type of operation of each investor. So, who do ‘swing trading’ or operational in the longer term to detect trends, will be arranged well with the closing data (not real time) that are free, says technical analyst Roberto Moro.
You can use it from anywhere with Visual Chart Java Edition, which is cross-platform and does not require installation of additional software. The tool that is installed is so complete for analysis as Pro RealTime and can create portfolios, optimize systems or even develop their own strategies if they have knowledge of programming with the standard Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language.

Regarding this tool, Finanzas.com analyst Josep Codina notes that “it is very easy and intuitive to use because you have a lot of help with webinars and tutorials.” In his opinion, “it can serve both for analysis and operate” both discretionary and systematic program to enable and operate systems, although this requires programming knowledge. And for operational it will require the services of a broker.
Codina, however, remember that Visual Chart need a fairly orderly RAM to take advantage and not charging the team “if you also work with multi”. Among the advantages additions analyst Finanzas.com highlights are the facilities to operate from dragging graphics orders, along with a table / graph depth to operate very interesting. It also lets you create your indicators and systems. Finally, Codina emphasizes that “it is a platform that allows you to operate with several brokers is not slave” as Tradestation.
Metatrader: Agile for operational intraday
If the previous two analysis tools were (although they allow operation through a broker) Tradestation is one of the most common for what is pure and operational options. And it is especially used for the Forex or foreign exchange market or those operating very focused on the intraday. Jose Luis Garcia notes that, from the point of view of analysis, is less than Pro RealTime or Visual Chart, although if it meets the expectations of those who want to trade quickly, many times a day and cheaply.
Once the investor or trader, reached a high level and thus quite demanding, especially when designing strategies, “most tools we use in our beginnings” (especially Pro RealTime or VisualChart) stay small, explains Ricardo Gonzalez. The problem is that they have certain limitations when developing automated trading strategies. In these cases, if advisable Metatrader, being more complete development of automatic systems.
However, explains Ricardo Gonzalez, developing strategies in them becomes much more tedious than in more complete and modern platforms, although less known as Wealth Lab, a professional development tool that allows almost anything to help us in this exciting world markets easily and without limitations.
NinjaTrader: Another option for operational
Like the previous, NinjaTrader is more focused towards operational rather than analysis and often use very active traders in the stock market, shares and, especially, in future, where this platform trading has a good reputation. It has tools to create advanced graphics and features analyzer strategies and other markets. It also allows trading directly from charts and is a tool available in more than 150 brokers worldwide. Its strong point is the ease of operation (rather than analysis) and that is complete to create automated systems.

Metastock: The preferred by professionals
Finally, MetaStock is one of the programs operating in preferred by professional investors markets. Perhaps the most popular and recognized in major operating tables, program and that is precisely why one of the most expensive. Has a version with data to day costs about $ 500 and other real-time (MetaStock Pro) whose monthly subscription costs $ 100.

Three tricks to make ‘trading’ currencies

1. Load the input level

Horner said at first tried to gather information about short-term systems to capture the strong trends. That is, those who do not enter into the trends of well-established “professional”. The surprise was that this technique does not work at all. Since no one can spend 24 hours a day watching screens to decide when to open a position, the expert suggests that it is preferable to calculate an average.
Indeed. If for example you miss a buy (long) “, then the average of the four most recent low level and use it as your new entry price.” Conversely, if a sell signal “and the average of the last four top” skips and this is his level of production. This technique is not always allowed to enter the market, but will give you a second chance.

2. Do not place your orders Intl

Banks often “clean up” the market. Or in other words. You are the object of a game in which banks are going against them. In fact, banks can see how the controls accumulate at certain price levels. And here, in psychology, because banks know that people often place their orders in round figures.
For example, 1.2200 or 0.7100. And therefore know where the mass cleaning and how and when. For this reason, Horner suggests conventional release order levels. “We are in a position before or after Mass, but not with her,” he explains. In fact, if you place your orders by psychological numbers or round numbers, “one stone” remains.

3. Conditional orders

When introduced immediately opened position two very specific orders. First protection ‘stop’ and the other an order for a limited profit target value. But it must be done with conditional orders SAU type; either cancels the other.
Thus, two orders are placed and when one, the other has no effect. For example, if the protection has reached its “unique”, the target profit order is automatically canceled. What is not recommended in all cases is the use of mental judgments

Trade forex online the fundamentals of foreign exchange technical evaluation

Trade forex online

Technical evaluation within the foreign exchange market requires suppliers to recognize and use certain terms which includes support, channels, resistance degrees and trend trade forex online. While data playing cards are used, you ought to be able to perceive the right times to the posición input and output and be capable of anticipate and recognize their continuity over the years or when a fracture takes place fashion. Here’s a summary of the three fundamental main in technical analysis forex:




The fashion is based totally on the belief that marketplace members making in droves, resulting in asset rate actions to be sustainable for a while. Relying on the main direction of charges, the asset may be on a downward fashion, up or sideways. It is posibleque the absence of a clear trend, too.

An upward fashion is represented with the aid of nearby go decrease and better local expenses higher. The uptrend line to get the low superb slope. Trade forex online a downward fashion takes place while local fees make lower lows and lower local high. The descending line connecting obtains the most terrible slope. The lateral trend occurs when two horizontal fashion strains are drawn, avoid massive charge moves up or all the way down to keep away from fluctuations in a positive range.


Support and resistance stages

The united statesand downs of a fashion are decided by means of suitable names: help and resistance stages respectively. Resistance ranges indicate the place where a sale is high, better than the pressure of purchase trade forex online a downward fashion takes place while local fees make lower lows and lower local high. Traders can take brief unaposición to promote the asset at a charge close to that region. On the other hand, desoporte degree corresponds to the region where buying interest is high and goes alláde promoting pressure. Here, the charge is considered attractive for lengthy positions, most investors can buy an asset when the charge strategies this stage.


The channel is sustainable corridor of fluctuations within the fee with others or much less regular width. When you take a look at a chart, the channel is represented as two parallel trend strains with a guide hyperlink underneath to heavy casualties and advanced resistance to connect the vital highs. A bad slope downward trend is determined at the same time as it’s far taken into consideration a high quality slope in an uptrend.

Trade forex online a downward fashion takes place while local fees make lower lows and lower local high a fantastic slope channel indicates that the forces of demand will siendomayores that the forces of deliver, but a break underneath a decrease trend line may additionally represent a signal of break in the channels. This can be visible as a promote signal. On the other hand, a poor slope channel indicates that permanently supply overwhelms call for and a spoil above an upper trendline is a symptom of a damaged channel can be taken into consideration a purchase signal. Till a channel is broken fashion lines are acknowledged to maintain fees inside the channel, which serve as aid and resistance lines.

Tricks to make ‘trading’ currencies

Adjust the input level

Horner said first attempts to collect information on short-term investments in order to capture the strong trends. That is, those that fall outside the established trends of “professional”. The surprise was that this technique works. As anyone 24 hours a day watching screens to move to decide when to open a position, the expert suggests that it is preferable to calculate an average.
In fact. If you buy, for example, higher (long) “, then the average of the last four low level and use it as a new entry-level price.” Conversely, if a sell signal “and the average of the last four best” leaps and production levels. This technique does not always allowed to enter the currencies market, but will give you a second chance.

Place your orders Intl

Banks often “clean” in the currencies market. Or in other words. They are the object of a game in which banks get rid of them. In fact, banks can see how the controls accumulate in certain price levels. And here, in psychology, because the banks know that people often put their orders Intl.
For example, 1.2200 or 0.7100. And therefore know where the cleaning of the mass and how and when. For this reason, conventional Horner vote suggests levels. “We are in a position, before or after the show, but not with her,” he explains. In fact, when you put through psychological numbers or round numbers, “a stone” follow their orders.

Conditional orders

If applied immediately open position two very specific orders. First protection “Stop” and the other is a one aim of limited benefit. But it must be done with conditional orders SAU type; or interrupt the other.
Therefore, two orders and when one of the other has no effect. For example, if the protection has reached its “unique” automatically cancels target profit order. What is not recommended in all cases, the use of psychological judgments

US Dollar These Filho paragraph negotiate the best times

The US Dollar (USD) ranks as the most popular currency in the world, followed by the euro (EUR), the Japanese ienes (JPY) and British Pound (GBP). The Dollar Index offers a complete snapshot of long and short-term price action um through a geometric mean value of the dollar in relation to the following currencies and weighting:

Euro (EUR) 57.6%
Japanese Iene (JPY) 13.6%
British Pound (GBP) 11.9%
Canadian Dollar (CAD) 9.1%
Swedish Krona (SEK) 4.2%
Swiss Franc (CHF) 3.6%
Forex traders speculate on USD strength and weakness across currency pairs That set comparative value in real time. Although brokers offer dozens of related crosses, most customers attention in the six focus even more popular:

Euro – EUR / USD
Swiss Franc – USD / CHF
Japanese iene – JPY USD //
British Pound – GBP / USD
Australian Dollar – AUD / USD
Canadian dollar – USD / CAD
USD trades continuously from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon in the US That paragraph provides important opportunities for profit. However, the volume and volatility can fluctuate greatly in each 24-hour cycle, with espalha in the less popular pairs extending During quiet periods and narrowing During active periods. While the ability to open and close positions at any moment marks a key benefit of currency, mostly USD trading strategies if they develop during active periods.

Many forex traders all their attention on the EUR / USD, the market’s most popular and liquid currencies in the world focus. Cross maintains a tight spread throughout the cycle of 24 hours, while several intraday That catalysts ensure that the price action will establish tradable trends in both directions and at all maturities. Long and short-term swings also work well with the strategies In a classic range, including trade and commerce balançar channel.

US Dollar Price Catalysts
The best time to trade the dollar track the release of economic data, as well as capital opening hours to, options and futures exchanges worldwide. Plan to advance these releases paragraph requires research of both sides Because catalysts in Australia, Asia and the euro zone will move the popular pairs with the same intensity as the catalysts will locais United States. Economic data shows the greatest impact on prices in most of the 24-hour cycles for two reasons: a) It affects all currency pairs YB) economy ranks second in the world after China, with changes That in its economic outlook have an immediate domino effect across the globe.

In addition, USD crosses Filho vulneráveis ​​to macro economic and political developments That trigger action price highly correlated through variável income, foreign exchange and bond markets worldwide. China’s devaluation of the yuan in August 2015 offers a perfect example. Even the natural disasters have the power to generate this kind of coordinated response, as evidenced by the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

Economic Publications
US economic publications focusing at 08:30 and 10:00 ET generate extraordinary trading volume of USD, with a high probability of a strong trend price movement in popular couples. Japanese and Australian Releases move the USD / JPY and AUD / USD, but receive less European attention because they are focused at 16:30, from 21:30 to 22:00 ET in Europe is in the middle of your cycle sleep. However, the volume of currency trading rises steeply around these airlines.

Economic Impacts of data from the euro zone intersects the EUR USD, GBP and CHF, with duas hours aderiram centered releases – five hours ET. The time segment 30 to 60 minutes before these releases and highlights 1 to 3 hours after a hugely popular period to European trade crossings USD For the previous period overlaps the US trading day, drawing in significant volume of Both sides of the Atlantic.

US dollar exchange and the world Hours
The USD paragraph schedules many traders remain more or less time to change, focussing in Frankfurt, Tokyo, Xangai, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York and Chicago equity, futures and options markets are open for business. This location INCREASED genres trading volume around late afternoon on the east coast of the United States, continuing through the night until the time do almoço of America, where activity forex trading can fall sharply .

However, banks Centrais agendas Change this cycle of activity, with currency traders around the world staying at their desks when the Federal Reserve (FOMC) decision has a plan to publish interest rate the record of 14:00, the previous meeting. Other Banks Centrais Programming decisions as follows:

Bank of Japan (BOJ) – 00:00 ET
Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) – 00:30 ET
Bank of England (BOE) – 07h00 ET
European Central Bank (ECB) – 07h45 ET
The decisions Centrais Banks in Japan, Australia and Europe if they produce During periods negotiated already active while the FOMC is an outlier, the reporting late afternoon in Europe and in the region and Asia Australia morning. This offers convenience UStraders um, while That market players on the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific um often have sleep That paragraph Losing stay ahead of changes in movement Market Policy Fed.

Forex Market Advantages

When thinking of various investments, there is an investment vehicle that makes sense of forex. The Forex marketor foreign has many advantages over other types of investments. Most investments require a substantial amount of capital before you can take advantage of the investment opportunity. To invest in Forex, you need only a small amount of capital. Anyone can publish allows a “micro account”, you act a lot of 1,000 units for the market. A lot of 1,000 units of currency equivalent to a contract. A pip or up or down in the currency pair that corresponds to 0.10 USD of profit and loss. A “mini-account” You can negotiate a lot of 10,000 units. One pip is equal to $ 1.00. A standard account allows you to control more than 100,000 units of the currency and a pip is worth $ 10.00.

Forex is the most liquid market in the world, allows investors to withdraw their money at any time, there will always be someone to be the currency of purchase and sale. This is a great advantage, the forex market. There is no other market or investments that you can exit at exactly the time you want.

In the forex market, a small payment to control contracts for a total of more influence gives the participants the opportunity to make good profits and at the same time keep risk capital to a minimum. Forex offers generally a leverage of 1: 100.

It is possible profitability regardless of what to achieve market conditions, up or down, unlike what happens. In the markets in stock prices are those that pass these returns Although currency trading can be risky if a good system is still the right properties to manage the money, and what self-discipline needs, a possible tilt hazard.

Forex You can operate from anywhere and at any time, everything that has access to a computer. It is advisable to practice with money or fake paper before you can use it with currency. For trade so that you start with most of the resources of the demo accounts. Simply download the capable commercial station with fake money, but in real-time practice.

Beware of forex robot scams

When people seek a way to earn easy money, they turn to Forex trading. That is no longer the case. A lot of traders would capitalize on a Forex robot for their sufficient earnings in the Forex market. Is it truly beneficial?

Well, not always at least. If Forex robots were consistently successful, you would not see a single human being still trading in the currency market. It will just be a deal between robots. It is also a nice insight that if Forex robots were for real, their makers would not have let them out in the open. Remember how expert traders would protect their trading secrets just so they can consistently use that army for their advantage? Since those cases are not happening, you can very well say that Forex robots are not everything we read about them in countless internet resources. They are not really impressive as they were impressed to be – infallible.

One significant thing that should make you take extra caution when dealing with Forex robots is the fact that scams are widespread as was divulged in different FX news. Forex robot scams could easily make you go bust while their perpetrators would have the greatest time of their lives with your money. To avoid being scammed, you need to follow these guidelines:

* If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Do not believe everything you pick from their sales pitches. They are intended to do that and that alone – to encourage you to take interest on the product.

* Beware of fake Forex robots. Some people would sell them unauthorized, crossing all boundaries of copyright laws in the process. What do you get? While the perpetrators enjoy their time selling their product like hotcakes, you get a second-rated performance simply because the seller does not have even a slight idea how the thing works because he does not own it in the first place.

* Do not let yourself be taken by your greed. More often than not, this will spell your doom. The more that you find it tempting to gamble with a Forex robot because it promises you to only win-win-win, the more that you should stay away from it.