Oil is still dropping, and the Dollar Rising, market cap tidbits

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the few days of being out of services. Unfortunately I had some personal issues to attend to and you know how they are first priority.

OIL dripping away at price:
Yes! could I be proud at the ever so sharper declines in recent crude oil activity. The declines were a long time coming, and now crude has stumbled another few dollars down the pipe to around $126. For those SUV and High Performance car drivers out there (and I am one of them!) we are somewhat breathing sighs of relief. Relief that the possibility that the worst may be over, and that we are in for a potentially long road for recovery.

The Euro is now officially having it’s days in the barrel when it’s cross to bear is the US dollar. The greenback has fought back ever so ferociously and has owned the Euro on a 5 cent decline through the last few days. This in combination with a few good positive points, and also shafted the crude oil barrels down a few dollars in recent trading as well! EURUSD is resting around 1.5510 at time of reporting.

Besides, didn’t that movie suck? Well maybe not for winos. back on topic, the cable USDGBP is now just fluctuating up and down like a sine wave from one of my old moog synthesizers. Perfect for scalping range, but if you are looking for a long range buy or sell, look elsewhere.

So How is the Pound and Euro Doing?
Pound is getting pounded by Horrific home sales numbers and the Euro’s numbers with retail and employment just haven’t been sound. Is the world economy taking a nosedive? Is oil going to send the markets to the toilet? Can we recover?

ok folks, I just wanted to make it a quick market cap for today. I am looking to review Andrea’s Kirchberger’s Forex Killer tomorrow, and have a better news cap for you! Thank you for being understanding to my craaazy situation.

I am also talking to a good fellow internet publisher, by the name of Norb Czufis, who happens to be unleashing the Forex Tracer. He has tapped me for a review, and a testimonial for his site. Although I am cool with Norb, I am also unbiased with each and every review. Let’s see if I can praise the Forex Tracer, or Bash it to the ground!

Tom Howell

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