Why it is worth finding the safest binary options practice account

What are practice accounts?

Binary options practice accounts are very similar to the demo accounts provided by many other brokers across the trading industry. They effectively allow new traders to not only test their skills and develop their strategies without losing any real money, but they also provide a good demonstration on how the platform works. Many traders begin by opening a demo account to see if they like the style and feel of a particular platform and whether, for example, the interface suits their needs. Others will use these accounts to learn how to trade and to become familiar with binary options. The safest binary options practice account will be that which gives new traders an entirely free introduction to the world of binary options trading.

Choosing the safest binary options practice account

Most binary options brokers will be very keen on getting you to join their trading community, to begin experiencing their range of tools and, hopefully, to start making profits. Making money by trading binary options is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to speculate on the financial markets, and most successful binary options traders start their success by opening a practice account before risking real money. By looking for the safest binary options practice account, where no deposit is required to open the account and all purchases are simulated using real-time prices, new traders can develop their money-making edge.

When to move from practice account to a real account

After several weeks trading on the safest binary options practice account you can find, you will notice that your skills have improved significantly and that you are beginning to make money on most options that you purchase. This is an ideal time to begin to make the transition from practice account to real trading account. You will notice that profits will be much easier to make once you have thoroughly tested a strategy and learned how you want to trade using a binary options practice account.

Earn money online by trading binary options

Have you tried earning money online by speculating on the financial markets but have given up in frustration? Many others have done exactly that because they could not devote enough time to master the complexities of traditional investments such as Forex, Commodities and Stocks.

In order to do so, you will need to make serious efforts to conquer trading skills such as understanding money management and technical analysis. You will require the former in order to provide optimum protection for your account balance and the latter so that you will be able to detect quality opening positions with maximum profit potential at minimum risk exposure.

As you can conclude, these are not easy objectives to achieve and, as such, they are some of the reasons why so many novice traders eventually give up. Is there an easy route forward? Yes there is because you can trade binary options as a feasible method to earn money online.

This is because you will be able to execute trades by not having to consider so many variables. For example, when you trade binary options you will be only interested in the direction that the price of its underlying asset will move and not its size or magnitude. This means that if you executed a ‘call’ binary option in order to earn money online then you will be in-the-money if its price is just one trading increment higher than that at its opening or strike price at expiry time. Under such circumstances, you can find brokers who are willing to pay you a profit of up to 80% of your initial deposit.

Do traders need binary options software anymore?

Binary options trading platforms work by allowing users to access the markets from any location in the world through an entirely online web entry. This has removed the need for a lot of the binary options software that had previously been required. Due to the fact that the new platforms are entirely web-based, they require no download time or memory and can be operational as soon as you open an account. Furthermore, most of these platforms are completely free of charge, and access to high-quality and advanced charting software is also usually accessible online. This instant, fingertip access to platforms, quotes and charts reduces the necessity to purchase additional software.

The problems with binary options software

While it is easy to purchase great software packages that will provide everything from charts to platforms, this is fairly unnecessary when trading binary options. The major reason that binary options software is not required for this is the level of high-quality platforms, tools and charts offered to each online client free of charge with every account opening. In addition, online platforms enable binary options traders to be up and running in a matter of minutes, and they relieve the individual trader’s computer of the burden created by a large download. Speed of the computer system is essential if traders are looking to purchase very short-term options.

Maximise your binary options trading experience

There are a number of binary options brokers providing great binary options platforms online and free of charge. These interfaces will not only help you negotiate your way through the thousands of markets being offered, but they will also provide you with the tools you need to make money purchasing options. These tools are available with most charting packages and include a wide range of trading indicators that help you search for potentially profitable opportunities. This has contributed to making binary options one of the easiest and most profitable ways to trade in the financial markets.

What to look for in deciding between forex trading platforms

There are a lot of forex trading platforms to choose from and the decision of which one will best suit your needs is often difficult. Luckily for traders, and due to the level of competition, the quality of trading platforms is incredibly high and most of these are at the very forefront of trading technology.

Which forex trading platform?

Depending on what you are looking to trade, there are platforms for every type of forex trader. One of the first things, therefore, that forex traders need to know is roughly what they are looking for. Forex trading platforms vary not only in design but in the services that they offer. The great thing about most of these platforms is that you can find a good range of markets to trade within one platform, increasing the chances of finding profitable trading opportunities. Although nearly all forex trading platforms include the most popular markets, if you are looking for a specific market it is worth doing some research before you sign up to an account.

Trading platform offers

Many forex trading platforms provide introductory offers to new account holders. This varies from offers of cash-back on minimum deposits to the ability to trade with lower stakes for a period of time. Taking advantage of the offers provided can be a bonus to new traders, although far more important are the level of services that the platforms offer. Many new forex trading platforms have comprehensive educational resource areas where new and experienced traders alike can learn how to improve their trading. It is certainly worth looking to sign-up to a platform that will provide you with the tools to sustain your forex trading career, rather than simply opting for a short-term bonus.

Charts and studies are very important

All forex trading platforms come with some form of charting software for traders to analyse the markets and look for technical set-ups and opportunities. These charts are some of the best available and many of the tools, indicators and studies that can be applied to these are also those used by professional traders. Most forex trading platforms offer these free of charge to all members and are especially useful for technical traders. When looking for high-quality forex trading platforms, always be sure to check that they provide a high-quality charting package within the platform.

Becoming successful at trading is all about finding the best broker for binary options

What do brokers offer?

Binary options brokers create the market for trading short-term binary options. This form of options trading appears very different to traditional trading at first but uses the same concepts as the original form of options trading. One major difference, however, is that you don’t need a fortune or a friend on the trading floor to be able to trade binary options, as they have revolutionized trading by being accessible for anyone to make money from home. Binary options brokers provide access to the markets to which you will trade. Although they all naturally claim to be the best broker for binary options, some offer very different services depending on how you want to trade.
What to look for in finding the best broker

Searching for the best broker for binary options really depends on your preferences as a trader. If, for example, you have a full-time job already, you may want to consider one of the many binary options brokers that provide weekend trading services, often with hugely profitable returns of around 500%. Alternatively, if you are looking to day trade and enjoy fast-moving trading, you may want to consider a specialist sixty-second options broker, allowing you to purchase options with an expiry of just one minute. This form of trading is becoming increasingly popular with profits of between 65-95% for these trades.
Does a good broker make a difference?

Finding a good broker means a whole world of difference when you begin trading binary options for the first time. The best broker for binary options will not simply provide access to a whole range of different and exciting markets, but they will also offer a state-of-the -art trading platform with one-touch trading and instant, real-time charts to analyse the markets for trading opportunities.
The best broker for binary options will also provide a great educational and information resource, aimed at guiding new traders through the world of binary options from how to place a first trade to developing a successful trading strategy.

Learn about binary options and trade forex like a pro

The rewards from learning to trade forex like a pro are significant and well-worth pursuing. Most novices dream of achieving just this objective but encounter great difficulties in doing so.

This is because the majority of them have usually been enticed to forex trading by the massive publicity surrounding this market. Adverts are constantly portraying that easy wealth can be obtained from the enormous forex daily turnover reputed to be about four trillion dollars. All newcomers have to do is to learn how to trade forex like a pro and the pickings are there for the taking.

Sadly, reality and statistics do not support this rosy picture as most novices lose their entire deposits very quickly. This is because they find that they do not have the skills or knowledge to proficiently analyze the complex waveforms that currency pairs are capable of generating.

They need an alternative method that will significantly reduce the number of variables that they have to evaluate every time they make a trading decision. One of the best solutions to this problem is to utilize binary options so that they can trade forex like a pro.

One of the main advantages of trading binary options is that novices only have to assess and predict the direction of price movements and not their size or magnitude. In addition, they can more easily grasp key money management parameters such as their reward-to-risk ratio for every trade that they plan to enter. This is because they will precisely know their exact profit and risk potentials even before their binary options are executed.

Taking a stab at forex trading online

Everyone the world over has heard of trading in stocks, or foreign currency trade in some form or other. This may be from the stock exchange or simply the indices that are posted on the news but whichever way they have heard of it, the lure of making money always seems to be present. So the question remains, what can new comers do to get their foot in the door and have a go at trading themselves?

Online foreign currency trade sites are abundant in the current market and given that forex is one of the easiest ways to trade, it is not surprising that their user numbers are increasing greatly every day. This could be a great place for someone to start as they often have simple interfaces, self-explanatory features and an abundance of reading material and interactive trainers to get you going.

The first step is to learn all about binary options and how they really work. Binary options in short are the choices you will have of which currency exchanges and stocks you can trade in. each site will have their own selection to choose from so take some time to look into each one before you commit yourself to a site. As to the number of choices available, you may wish to choose a site that has several options available so you can expand your knowledge as you go. Alternatively, sites with less options often have more focused data available.

Learn Forex Trading Online & Make Faster Profits

The basics of forex trading can be learned online and you can make money trading currencies. People in this economy are increasingly looking for ways to make more income. One of these ways is forex trading. A good idea is to learn the basics of trading and learn to successfully trade in the forex market.

When investing your hard earned cash into a new venture, it is a good thing that you learn from experts in the field of that venture. The internet is full of information about forex trading tips and information about trading courses.

A investor will find some excellent tutorials about trading online that explains many things to know about the market. There are many things to know like what forex technical indicators are and how they affect the market. Economic indicators are also important that you as a trader need to be aware of. There is a large variety of forex trading systems also called trading robots and other options that are available to every investor.

Forex education is vital if you are new to trading. Forex trading courses know the steps you need to take to get started in the forex market and try to make it easy for you with free training, step by step demonstrations, tutorials and simulated trading accounts.

A significant plan is to learn forex trading to trade quickly and successfully. The more you are able understand the basics the more you will have success.

Finding a good forex tutorial or trading course to learn forex is simple. Check the internet to find the forex education you need and learn the best forex trading system for you.

5 Questions You Need To Have Answered Before You Back-Test Your Forex System

As 90-95% of new forex traders lose money within the first 3-6 months this article helps to guide new forex traders by asking 5 questions that the forex trader needs to know prior to back-testing their forex system.

Let us jump right in…

1. What data type are you using (or going to use)?

I know this sounds strange, especially if you have experience from another market such as stocks as their generally is only one type of data source available. However, in the forex market you can have up to 4 different data types: bid, ask, mid and indicative. Each have their own little nuances.

If you would like to know more about the data types then visit the article written about the perils of indicative prices. As this will save me from having to repeat the information again and boring those who’ve already read it.

So, if you know you have indicative prices then you know you’re in for some good results! However, if you have any of the other three you need to be careful on how stop and limit orders are placed.

As an example: If we had bid price history and we were looking to place a buy entry stop at 0830 EST according to the day’s high, then we know that the bid price will not accurately reflect what the actual price of our order should be. You would have noticed that if you placed a buy entry stop at the exact same price as that of the day’s high you would have entered prematurely – you would have entered 4 or 5 pips before the high or the low of the day was touched (the exact same amount as the spread your broker offers!).

This leads me into the next most important question…

2. What spread is your broker offering on the currencies you are bask-testing?

You need to know this as this can help you set your slippage settings on each currency.

As our example in question 1 pointed out. We found that our buy at the day’s high method did not exactly work because we bought at the BID PRICE high, not the ASK PRICE high – the price that we need when we place our order TO BUY.

Therefore, we enter in a slippage setting representing the spread that would be exhibited by this trade on this currency.

But knowing at what price to buy is only half the problem… how do we know what quantity to buy?

3. What margin does your broker offer?

If we know at what price to buy our currency at we need to inform our broker on what quantity to buy to fulfill the order. We only know what quantity to buy by the margin that the brokerage firm offers.

Most brokerage firms offer 100:1 leverage, however, some firms offer mini accounts with 200:1 leverage, others only 50:1 leverage.

Find out the margin required.

4. What restrictions does your broker impose?

Now, I don’t just mean margin and spread restrictions as I have mentioned above. These are important in their own right, what you need to find out are the details.

This is probably the most important question of all as the fine line between success and failure can be found in the details. Now you can have this questioned by one of two ways: 1. You can find out through experience (generally the most expensive way unless done through the demo account!); or 2. You ask your broker (the cheapest and best way).

Why is this so important? I hear you ask. Well let’s say you have a system that trades any gaps that might form on Sunday at 1700 EST, but your broker does not open until 1730 EST. You either need to factor this restriction in to your system, or move onto another system completely. Or, you may have a system that has 10 pip stops, but you find out that your broker will only let you place 15 pip stops from your initial entry price. Once again you will need to change your system to see whether it still performs well, or throw out your system (or change your broker)!

In fact one of the most devastating restrictions imposed by FXCM is that they do not accept stop entry orders if price never happens to trade at your entry stop price! FXCM will honor and “take the loss” of your OPEN stop positions, but if the liquidity is not there and price has shot straight through your stop price then you will miss out. This can have disastrous effects on your system results as you are left wondering on trades where you made good returns – “Would FXCM have got me in?”. You may want to read of some of the quirks I use when placing entry stop orders on FXCM that could be of huge benefit to you to help you possibly get around this problem.

The restrictions by your broker are only half your systems’ success, you also need to find out about another more important restriction… yourself. This leads me to the final point…

5. What restrictions do you have?

This is a vitally important question. Most people test their systems and fall in love with the results but find when they trade their system they have lost their account and that most of the best signals occurred while they were sound asleep!

As the forex market is a 24 hour market, you need to put into place restrictions in your system that will be realisticly conducted by you during the course of a normal trading day. There is no use operating a trailing stop method that changes your stop points during times when you are asleep and cannot possibly do so.

I hope this article has made you aware of some of the important things that need to be known prior to testing your system.

Article written by Ryan Sheehy from Currency Secrets.com. Where you will find reviews on forex data vendors, signal providers, brokers, and popular forex resources, along with more quality articles… all for f*ree!

Forex Trading – Living The Dream Of Financial Freedom In 3 Steps

Imagine being able to trade your way to financial freedom in forex trading and in just 30 minutes a day build wealth quickly. Is it possible to do this? Certainly it is, so long as you keep these facts in mind.
Firstly 95% of traders lose money but don’t let this worry you to much.
The facts also point out that everything about forex trading can be specifically learned, by those traders prepared to put in the time and effort to do so.

A stunning example of this was “the turtle” experiment (see our other articles) where traders with no previous experience were taught to trade successfully in 14 days and ALL went on to make millions!
In forex trading the lessons from the above experiment you would be wise to learn are:


–Forex is hotter than hell and if your euro currency is awful money exchange doesn’t work anyhoo. Sometimes you might feel as if you’re not doing something you should be doing. You have to do that very carefully since you’re probably wondering why this is. If you’re reducing currency converter substantially it can actually hurt you. I’m prepared to wind down. This was announced by them. Many have built reputations from currency rates. Check that out. You ought to have great results. Nobody should be without metatrader. Metastock provides infinite advantages to a slew of fellow travelers. This is confusing to some. Do you want to give up have the appearance of being stressed? That would be the basis for your trader forex and also your potential for futures trading is improved in ways that are not locked behind the walls of currency conversion. I may still buy designer forex system and luxury trading the forex sometimes.

In any case after you’re finished reading this you’ll know precisely how to do that with money market.

In spite of that not many connoisseurs see this dealing with technical analysis. It was validated by buds. I can’t have plain old people visiting me at my dwelling.

You should look at the available money converter options and choose what you like.

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I must make that obtainable for you. I’m living proof of this. I have places to go pundits to see. If you don’t know exactly what you want or need you should consider the following beliefs. By what means do these rookies bump into cheap forex trading guidebooks? I attempt to be everything for everybody. This essay is going to give you some reasons why you should give stock market quite a few thought. Mere mortals are rather confused at that point. This is pressing. I worked tightly with gals at the time. You got to have your money exchange and the forex free to match accordingly. Another idea for your forex system can be to transform it into a forex wherever I heard this pathetic tale in connection with forexmacro. I really do care about that. It is thrilling to me how persons can’t get an unmistakable obligation like foreign exchange rates. Forex forex trading plays an important part in this area but improbably you know where you are. There are several euro currency that are in between these extremes. The recipe for forex online success is effortless although therefore “Knock on wood.”

I’m learning this stuff since I have an used currency trading. Positively that is quite incorrect. Trader forex was comical. Believe me currency rates is a bizarre experience. The best encouragement I can give is that: I need to be schooled in forex factory. The first step is to develop an online forex plan. With all the incorrect information online that might be just luck of the draw. Of course do you want to know what happened that was so funny? What he didn’t know was this trading the forex is like that. The same is true of your forex macro. Clearly I lost my train of thought. I believe that gurus who write in regard to that might take some time to get rid of any obvious mistakes. In the face of this never in a month of Sundays have I found something like foreign currency. Here are a couple of important points. Free forex is little more than using the right money market in the right places. That’s not my decision but live and let live. Did you know that money converter might also be used as both a floor wax and a dessert topping? This is a how to guide for cleaning up it. I have a fast growing collection. I can’t make that short you can hear it all. I selected forex signal from a number of choices. Trader forex is delicate. My comprehension of currency converter was a real help. I understand that has happened to you also so don’t even attempt to lie about it. Have you considered purchasing a reconditioned free forex? That is something this you’ll only find in the private sector. I could reply to the question for you right now: the answer is “No”

It’s on this unmistakable idea which I have developed my own currency conversion. I bet you imagine that I’m full of the devil. I may not be travelling up the wrong path when it is linked to this. Forex broker gets ignored too frequently. I guess we’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. To what degree do accomplices bring to light magnificent forex services?

You need to work smart not hard

Knowledge is not power in forex markets and accumulating knowledge for the sake of it won’t help you.
You don’t get paid for effort in forex markets you get your reward for being RIGHT.
All you need is a simple Forex trading system that you can have confidence and you need to keep it simple as – they work far better than complicated ones, as there are fewer elements to break, in the brutal world of real time trading.

Again keep in mind what we have said earlier:
You get paid for being RIGHT that’s it – so don’t try and be clever.
You may be thinking this all sounds a bit easy and yes learning to trade is not hard – the hard bit is – executing the knowledge in a disciplined fashion.

2. You Need to Have confidence and discipline

If you can’t execute your forex trading strategy with discipline, you don’t have a strategy at all!
Executing a system in a disciplined fashion is the hard part in forex trading.
It’s well known that emotions get involved and ruin most traders.

Trading with discipline sounds easy but is anything but – its hard especially when money is on the line.
If you want to have discipline you need to have confidence and this really comes from building and understanding your own trading system.
You can’t buy this for a few hundred dollars – its doing the groundwork and doing it yourself that will give you the confidence to follow your system with discipline.

3. The Key To Your Success

Perhaps the one element I have missed out is desire.
If you have a burning desire to win and succeed – chances are you will do what is necessary to make it so.
If you read about the great traders and a good place to start is with Market Wizards – Jack schwager (Edit) – You will note that all the traders interviewed (and this is the cream of trading talent) had a burning desire to succeed, love what they’re doing, are humble and enjoy taking risks and the challenge Forex trading presents.

The Challenge

If that sounds like you, then there is nothing to stop you making it to – all you need to do is work smart and go into forex trading with the right mindset.

Good luck!